Do you have a father, grandfather, or son who is a certified badass? A father who isn’t a snowflake? There are golf dads and tech dads and dads who fish, to name three of the oh so many kinds.  

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for a conservative father? 

A father who may not like having brunch and celebratory flowers on Father’s Day?  

Patriotic shirt I Don't Kneel t shirt


What if there was something that felt like a DIY Father’s Day gift because it aligns with what your father, grandfather, or son really cares about!

Gifts with a bigger meaning than something you would buy on Amazon. A great gift with a personal touch.

You don’t have to be a product manufacturer to provide a DIY Father’s Day gift. You just have to show you understand him.

It’s not always the gift you make, it’s how it’s packaged or bundled.

A product is just putting ingredients together, right? Couldn’t multiple products bundled together create an entirely new product?

Let’s look at a few examples of unique gifts for conservative dads.


Conservative Father's Day Gift Idea


You may be thinking “I’m not purchasing coffee for Father’s Day.”

Similar to a traditional DIY Father’s Day gift, a simple gift with a personal touch can go a long way.

Coffee may not seem like much of a gift, but it can be.

For conservative fathers, politics is a personal issue. What if you could combine coffee and something that connects on a personal level?

Has your dad, grandpa, or son ever said that they are tired of Starbucks and their liberal agenda? Ask them about it. Does your father, grandfather, or son like coffee?

If you answered yes to the last two questions, check out


Best Conservative Gift Idea - Conservative Coffee


The mission statement on Conservative Grounds’ website reads “Conservative Grounds was established to fight the scourge of liberalism and to offer God loving, 2nd Amendment supporting, Traditional Value having Americans a place they could go and feel welcome. Come grab a coffee with your MAGA hat. No longer will an American who believes in Conservative Values not feel comfortable simply getting a cup of coffee.

It's conservative coffee. It’s a unique spin on coffee. It combines love for coffee and love of conservative values.

Keep reading, it gets better.


Patriotic Father's Day Gift Idea


Similar to coffee, you may be thinking “a t-shirt?!”

What about a conservative t shirt that has a deeper meaning?

How about a patriotic t shirt that tells the world what your father stands for?

As a conservative, it’s not just about watching the news. It’s about protecting the values of our country. It’s a movement.

Project War Path a ton of patriotic apparel and clothing.

And use FATHERSDAY15 for 15% off your order!


Best Fathers Day Gift Idea - I Don't Kneel Shirt


The “I do not kneel” t shirt is one of the most popular patriotic shirts on the market. 

Has your father, grandfather, or son ever mentioned how they feel about athletes kneeling during the National Anthem?

If not, ask him what he thinks.

Conservatives aren’t creating riots like the left, but they still want to share their perspective.

This is the best patriotic t-shirt to show what you care about and send a message. Think about how many people that you walk past on a daily basis.

You may be wondering, “how is this a DIY Father’s Day gift?”

For one, you can create the packaging. You can decorate the box or even find a custom box manufacturer online.

When your father, grandfather, or son receives the gift, your time and effort will be obvious by the package you created.

You can also bundle products together, as mentioned earlier.

For example, you could send him a patriotic t shirt and the conservative coffee in a DIY decorated box.

Remember, use FATHERSDAY15 for 15% off your order!

Or you can check out some of the following Father’s Day gifts.


Patriotic Father's Day Gift Idea

Grilling Gear for the Tactical Dad

How about a Father’s Day gift that brings brings some practical tactical to the grill?   

You may want to add one of these to your bundle. One of our favorites is the “grill sergeant” apron.



Your father, grandfather, or son will be completely prepared when grilling on Father’s Day.

See more of their gifts at


Conservative Father's Day Gift Idea

Something for the Hungry Dad

This company knows who it's selling to “Man Crates.”  And what could be better for the conservative father than a huge box of food?



They have a manly package and a bundle of gifts. That’s exactly what we are talking about right?

Sure, you typically wouldn’t buy your dad beef jerky for Father’s Day. But how about when you bundle it with other meats in a manly package?

Here is a link to their website for more information.




Patriotic shirt I Don't Kneel t shirt


Let’s make a full circle back to conservative Father's Day gifts. There is no need to manufacture something. When you are creating a DIY Father’s Day gift, each individual product doesn’t need to be made by you.


When you bundle multiple products, it creates a product in itself.  This is much easier and much more appreciated than creating something.

Because you know know each product aligns with something they care about.  And that's what is really important when trying to give the best Father's Day gift.

If you are looking for a conservative gift for Father’s Day, any or all of the products above should do the trick.

Wish you and your family a conservative Father’s Day.


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