Marxism, Socialism, Communism – Clear and Present Danger (Again)

The ideology war against communism has been won…or has it?
Yes, communist and socialist systems across the globe have retreated. Communism and socialism collapsed in every country as soon as their citizens fought for freedom and removed the slavery imposed on them by their leaders. The mass imprisonments of innocent people, secret executions of politically incorrect and troublesome individuals, and total control of society have left a permanent mark on the populations of these countries.
These countries do not view Marxism and socialism any differently than Nazism (National Socialism) – one of the versions of socialism. It is important to remember that some of these countries have entire generations who experienced all three (communism, socialism, and Nazism) in their lifetime. Although many countries were able to free themselves from the yoke of socialism, the fear of it coming back compelled their citizens to enact laws forbidding any glorifying or promotions of the system that cost many millions of lives (imprisoned, murdered or starved by the state).
Poland is one of these many countries able to free themselves from socialist/communist oppression. Today it is illegal in Poland to glorify or promote communism. Even now, years after the fall of socialism/communism, Poles still are discovering mass graves of their fellow citizens murdered by the state for opposing the ideology of evil. Today they are still judicially processing people who actively participated in imposing socialism and communism in Poland, and of those who took part in mass political murders. Even today, former judges and prosecutors belonging to the socialist and communist regime in Poland are actively pursued and prosecuted for so called ‘judicial murders.’ The Polish law now provides the venue to pursue and prosecute these individuals for sentencing to death innocent people who opposed socialism and communism. It has been more than 70 years since socialism was installed in Poland (it has collapsed since then), but there are still active cases pending against perpetrators of Socialist and Communist crimes.
What seems so remote and distant is the reality is that socialism, communism, and Marxism are thriving in our great country. Many were too quick to forget about the Obama administration’s use of the IRS to intimidate, harass and persecute political opponents in our country. After their ringleader, Lois Lerner performed her show in front of Congressional investigators, she was rewarded with her full retirement benefits. While she was under investigation, she enjoyed a very long paid vacation. We should be thankful to Republican investigators for giving the scandal attention, but the IRS intimidation tactics were imitated by community organizing. 
Obama’s ideological allies in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement carried out the work of hindering, intimidating people and organizations with different views on the streets of America. Look at Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder who ignored the Black Panther group that was preventing Americans from voting at the election booth. 
We cheer when countries in the Middle East have their elections with long lines and focus on freedom to vote, but in our own streets, the Democratic party ignores the suppression of the people’s voice when it doesn't fit their agenda. 
The Democratic party enables quasi, mob-like organizations (Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street Protests, and Antifa) to physically attack people and organizations who express different views. Hordes of protesters channeling Bolsheviks and Nazis are terrorizing fellow students and guest speakers who oppose Socialism and Marxism on their campuses. 
Yes, they are fully enabled by the Democratic party. Remember the Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson and Boston? Ferguson protestors destroyed innocent business owners lives, endangered the safety of an entire community, simply because they did not like the facts of a judicial verdict. Justice was served, a criminal was dead by the consequences of his own actions and not because of any racial bias.
However, the protesters who invoked terror in the heart of Ferguson were invited to the White House for a special meeting with Obama. Can you only imagine what the media would do if President Trump invited a white nationalist organization to the White House? Obama gave Black Lives Matter a platform and legitimacy to their terrorist tactics.
We should ask ourselves and fellow Americans — Has the Democratic Party become a dangerous V-column party, hell-bent on the destruction of our free Republic? A party hijacked by hard core Marxists, Socialists, and Communists?
The Democrats routinely promote violence against our citizens with different views, their elected officials have called for the assassination of our president, and their constituents continue to elect them.
The media controlled by Marxists, socialists, and communists in Democratic party are spreading misinformation and lies on the scale unheard of even in Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler's propaganda machines.
Thankfully, the election of President Donald Trump stopped the Marxist/Socialist coup that was taking place under the Obama administration in its tracks. Under Trump and the patriotic officials in his administration, the damage caused by Marxist, socialists, and communists in Democratic party is facing reversal. 
It appears that our citizens were awakened to some degree by the deprivations and excesses of Democratic Party, and were able to change our country’s direction despite the onslaught of lies, fake news and false propaganda commenced by media controlled by socialist/Marxist elites in Democratic party. But we can’t just sit and wait for another attempt to overthrow our Republic by anti-American elements.
The lesson for us, the citizens of this great country, is that we need to participate actively in our nation’s political life. We can’t sit on the sidelines and wait for others to do our jobs, or we may find out that the ‘others’ are like the ones in the Democratic party (communist, socialists and Marxists) who want to hijack our country into a direction that can be disastrous. 
We can’t sit and wait for another attempt to overthrow our Republic by anti-American elements. Do your research into the background of political leaders running for office and get out and vote! Vote not for the ones who spin words for your liking, but for fellow patriots who have proved their love of country and freedom with their deeds. 


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