When we went on combat missions in the dark of night, we could see the United States flag flying high and proud every day on our base — even when it was under heavy fire. 

We wore the flag on our uniforms and we wore the flag on the front of our body armor. On extremely hot nights when we were operating, we even had Velcro sewed to our t-shirts sleeves so we could wear the flag on t-shirts.

That flag is sacred and means everything to us. When we were deployed in foreign lands, it represented the freedom that we were fighting for and safe haven when we were RTB (Return To Base).  

In 1930, the Veteran of Foreign Wars started a petition for the United States to officially recognize as the national anthem. Five million people signed the petition. (That’s a hell of a lot of people in 1930.) 

The House of Representatives and the Senate voted in favor of the idea, as the song featuring the words of Francis Scott Key finally became our national anthem on March 4, 1931 after the bill was signed by President Herbert Hoover.

Today, a crappy player from the 49er’s started a new tradition. Sitting, kneeling, and disrespecting our national anthem and wearing socks portraying police officers as pigs — all behavior that the National Football League refused to reprimand. 

A year later, more millionaire football players are kneeling, laying down, stretching, and sitting on the bench, dishonoring our flag which all of us veterans have fought so hard for and lost so much for centuries. 

It is a slap in the face to all veterans who served this great nation and it recalls the anti-war protestors who spit on the Vietnam war veterans who returned to the United States. 

Today, the NFL is spitting in the face of veterans. They support players kneeling during the national anthem, spitting the face all veterans who have fought for “Old Glory” and the law enforcement officials protecting them in multi-million dollar stadiums.  

Their support is one-sided. When the Dallas Cowboys wanted to wear “Arm in Arm” decals on their helmets to honor the five Dallas police officers shot and killed by a sniper in Dallas, the NFL refused. 

Why are these players allowed to disrespect our flag? 

Do NFL players lose their limbs or their eyesight on the field? How many players get cut in half by Iranian EFP (Explosively Formed Projectiles) on the football field? How many of these players have to carry their dead teammates to HLZ’s (Helicopter Landing Zones) under heavy direct and indirect fire in the middle of the night in the razor sharp and ultra steep mountains of Afghanistan? Not many I bet. 

I wonder how many players have to go knock on their teammates' widow’s door and tell her how their husband was killed on the field of battle? I wonder how many of these players have jumped on a live hand grenade to save their teammates? 

So I say fuck you to the NFL and everyone associated with it, I hope they burn in depths of hell and go bankrupt. Let’s hit these millionaires where it hurts them the most. Don’t watch another game or buy another NFL jersey, hat or anything else for that matter.



  • AGarza

    Retired Master Chief didn’t even have the GUTS to use his name so I’m just going to assume it’s the pen name for RADM John Kirby (Ret.) It is his expository style of writing and definitely his diction. Retired Master Chief portrays a moniker of a working man in lieu of a whimsy paper pusher from the Pentagon, like Kirby. Whom I may add, has much experience in taking a knee or knees, albeit for another purpose, for his political purposes. So go fuck yourself “Retired Master Chief.”

  • Retired Master Chief

    Project Warpath claims to be the work of a former Navy SEAL. Sad. The SEALs I knew in the Navy were all good, dedicated patriots. This site, on the other hand, is the masturbatory vanity project of a jingoistic Qunt who sure as hell doesn’t know what any real SEAL would know: that taking a knee for a fallen hero is a sign of deepest respect. Also, the flag of our country is red white and blue, not chiaroscuro grey, but that’s okay. I’d rather not see the flag of our country plastered across the beer gut of some pathetic QAnon fantasy larper dipshits.

  • Verbena

    Kneeling for the flag is not disrespectful what’s disrespectful is a bunch of assholes beating a cop up with the American flag pole and throwing the flag on the ground or let’s see all the assholes that storm the capital that Threw all the American flags on the ground so kneeling for the flag is not disrespectful you are full of shit

  • Tammy Marin

    I’ve watched football all my life. When that idiot Krapernik decided to take a knee, I decided fuck the NFL and all the thugs who play in it. I haven’t watched it or played Fantasy Football since. I also don’t have squat to do with the NBA, refuse to watch any events linked to either.

    This is the first time I found your website. I am a Trumper and agree with all you have listed regarding Marxism, Communism and Socialism. The damn demoquacks and liberals are out to get our great Country, this has been proven with the fraudulent election and the shit show which took place in Washington DC on 1/6/2021. I fear that we have been dealt a lethal blow that may be difficult to recover from. I still wear my “Trump is MY President” shirt proudly and don’t give a damn whom I offend. My husband had a had made that states “Joe and his hoe, NOT my President”. Obviously the dems and the stupid media had no issue with putting down we so called “illiterates/deplorables/racists” who had a different opinion for the past 4 years.

    At any rate, I will be sharing your website with all of my family and friends.

    Most importantly, Thank you to all of you for your service!

  • Michael Collins

    Right on brother! 100%

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