Project War Path Podcast

For those of you that don't know we are actively putting out a podcast! It's called Project War Path Man time, it's hosted by me Tej Gill and Mark Matzeldelaflor. Mark and I were teammates at SEAL Team Five in the early days of the war. We've kept in touch over the years and decided it would be a great idea if we started a podcast.

We're recording regularly now, we started in Fall/winter of 2019, took a little break for the holidays and now we are at it again. We are talking about anything and everything that we find interesting, of course we will be controversial and throw up the bullshit flag when needed. Currently we are talking lots of current events AKA Coronavirus.

 Please give us a listen!!!! And rate us!

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  • Alden

    I wouldn’t admit that. Unfortunately there is not much to come together on. One side wants to take this country somewhere awful and is well on their way. I don’t love trump, but he’s all we got. The rinos keep helping the dems with the destruction, racism, etc… I will say one thing. This is a full blown communist revolution. YOU BETTER START ACTING LIKE IT.

  • Joey Fazool

    I can’t quite comprehend how conservatives, MAGAS, etc. believe they are more patriotic or the only patriots who love America. I consider myself to be independent and I prefer to research and educate myself on issues that affect all Americans. I don’t just believe any far fetched story on conspiracy outlets or from others who are equally ignorant to facts.. I Love this country and know how fortunate I am to be here. I am a true Patriot even when I disagree with policies or others who I don’t see eye to eye with. This country can only move forward if we will start listening to each other, identify the things trywe can agree on, and try

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