Project War Path Podcast

For those of you that don't know we are actively putting out a podcast! It's called Project War Path Man time, it's hosted by me Tej Gill and Mark Matzeldelaflor. Mark and I were teammates at SEAL Team Five in the early days of the war. We've kept in touch over the years and decided it would be a great idea if we started a podcast.

We're recording regularly now, we started in Fall/winter of 2019, took a little break for the holidays and now we are at it again. We are talking about anything and everything that we find interesting, of course we will be controversial and throw up the bullshit flag when needed. Currently we are talking lots of current events AKA Coronavirus.

 Please give us a listen!!!! And rate us!

 We are on the following Streams.

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    • Breaker
    • Google podcasts
    • Overcast
    • Pocket casts
    • Radio public
    • Spotify
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