Terrorism, War, Refugees



The terrorist attacks in Barcelona last week come as no surprise to some of us. Watching the TV makes me wonder what planet most of these news outlets live on, they act shocked that the Islamic terrorists would do this is and this is first time something like this has happened. The news hosts on the major news networks have discussions with so called “experts” and try to figure out why something like this would happen, meanwhile this is at minimum a bimonthly occurrence in Europe and around the world.

Truck attacks, knife attacks, suicide bombers, IED’s, small arms such as AK-47’s and pistols are nothing new in Europe over the last couple of years. The so called “experts” refuse to connect the dots and call Islamic Terror what it is. Have we forgotten what happened on 9/11/2001 and who carried out those attacks? The Global War on Terrorism is raging on both sides, there have been very few lulls in the war(s). The enemy changes names and faces but they are always from the same group of radicalized Islamists.

Not screening refugees from the war torn Middle East and North Africa has taken a heavy toll on Europe. Muammar Gadaffi understood and warned the west that should Tripoli fall there would be a sea of refugees to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe from Northern Africa. Our last President, Barack Obama, and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took it upon themselves to wage war on the dictators of Middle East via the Arab Spring of 2011, it sounded like a good idea at first. Push out the dictators and deliver democracy and freedom to the Middle East and North Africa, but not for long. The US covertly facilitated civil war and in some cases regime changes in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and the civil war in Syria, to name just a few examples. The problem with the Hillary/Obama Arab Spring is they left stabilizing the war-torn countries to extremists AKA the Muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda and what is now ISIS.

Leaving the stabilization of these countries to extremists has led to genocide, endless war, murder, sex slaves, and international terrorism. But the last is the sea of refugees that Gadaffi eluded to, Libya is now a war-torn country filled with terrorists and refugees trying to escape to Europe. The Hillary/Obama destabilization of Syria and arming and training of what is now known to be ISIS has created another “sea of refugees” coming from Syria into Europe. The problem with this is that ISIS and Al Qaeda have found the perfect Trojan horse. They have infiltrated the refuge population and used them as a vehicle to infiltrate Europe. There was an article in 2015 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3279094/A-close-shave-Terrified-jihadists-leave-BEARDS-battlefield-shave-faces-dress-women-flee-Syria.html about ISIS fighters shaving their beards and blending in with the refugee population when Russia stepped up the war in Syria. Terrorists attack soft targets and do not like to fight head on with their enemies, so when Russia wen into Syria and started killing the US trained rebels and ISIS, they shaved their beards and headed into Europe as refugees. The worlds intelligence agencies knew this was going on and turned a blind eye to it.

So now we have an army of terrorists that are hardened combat veterans of Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia living in Europe as “refugees”. This is why Europe has had and will continue to have an endless wave of terrorist attacks. It’s not like these terrorists just teleported into Europe, they were welcomed into Europe with open arms and blind eyes. Wake up and shake off the fog of political correctness, these wars are just getting started. Iraq and Afghanistan were just the warm ups. We will be fighting these Islamic Terrorists for generations to come.

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