Very first news article on Project War Path

Tej Gill, a former Warfare Operator of the United States Naval Special Warfare Group who served as a Navy SEAL for 10 years with SEAL Team 5, spoke exclusively with Breitbart News about his organization Project War Path and its latest campaign, “Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends.”

“We started Project War Path to tell the story of how Navy SEALs got to war,” Gill said, adding, “now, we want to get the story out about Hillary Clinton.”

“Project War Path is making t-shirts that say ‘Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends,'” the decorated former Petty Officer Second Class said.

“The reason I’m adamant about doing this is because Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were my friends,” Gill said of former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, and former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods who were both killed while working for the CIA’s Global Response staff on Sept. 11, 2012 when Islamic militants attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, killing U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith.

“I’ve known Tyrone Woods since 1997,” Gill said. “He was a mentor of mine when I was a new guy in the SEAL teams.”

“Glen Doherty, I met him around 2003-ish, 2004, and was friends with him ever since. I was actually roommates with him in Afghanistan in 2011.”

“So,” Gill continues, Hillary Clinton “really did kill my friends when she was secretary of state, by denying security upgrades at the consulate that probably would have stopped the terror attack.”

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  • Persia Gran-Freeland

    Go get her, Tej! And Kris! And all of the rest of you who know the difference about this abomination! She deserves to rot in hell!
    My respect for all of our military, and especially the SEALS, Marines, Green Berets, and Rangers, is beyond my ability to express adequately. The best of the best. It is my continuing sorrow that I am the wrong gender to ever have had a chance to do or die trying to qualify for any of the special forces, especially the Navy SEALS who are my first love.
    God bless all of you, every one!

  • Patrick Lanza

    I never met Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty or Sean Smith. I have met Kris Paronto. Between Hillary and Chris, I will take Chris’s word for what happened in Benghazi. I also believe that Hillary was responsible for their deaths. I am a former Marine and feel that all the men out there are my brothers. My respect for what you do is much more then I could express. Hillary should be brought to justice. Thank God she lost the election. Always Faithful.

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