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Benghazi Skateboard Deck

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Limited run, only 20 decks will be made.

Here is it, we did a collaboration with Tribe Sk8z to make a run of Benghazi skateboard decks. The top is wood grain with the Tribe Sk8z logo, the bottom has the Hillary Clinton killed my friends bumper sticker on it. 

One the nose we added "Never Forget Benghazi" with a old school skull and cross bones.

The tail has "Woods - Doherty" for Ty woods and Glen Doherty who were ultimately left behind, abandoned and KIA on 9/11/2012.

Made from 7 layer cold pressed Maple wood. New school shape. Size 8.0 

100% of of the $130 dollars will go the to 501.(c)3 charity, Navy SEALs Fund. We are donating our cost to source these boards and fulfill them. The Navy SEALs fund donates 98% or more of all funds they collect. They are not a sleeze bag charity that pays peoples salary and retirements. Everyone at the fund is 100% volunteer.