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Half Face Blades Benghazi Knives

These Half Face Blades Benghazi Knives were from a collaboration we did with Half Face Blades a few years back. We made the knives as a tribute to Glenn Doherty and Ty woods. They have Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends on them. Two CIA stars on each piece, one for Ty, one for Glenn. 

We ended up auctioning them on HFB's instagram, a couple of the piece sold for more that any of their knives or tomahawks had sold for to date. All the money went to the Navy SEAL Museum at the direction of Ty Woods widow.

These Half Face Blades Benghazi Knives were a one time run, who knows we may do another run of custom knives from HFB's at some point.

These are just up here to preserve the memory of these bad ass knives and so people can check them out.

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