Long Sleeve I Don't Kneel Blue

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Due to high demand we are bringing back the Blue long sleeve I don't kneel!

    • Navy Blue.
    • I DON'T KNEEL printed down the right sleeve in off white.
    • Logo on left chest.
    • American Flag on the right sleeve.
    • Nothing printed on the back.
    • 90/10 Cotton/Polyester.
    What does "I Don't Kneel" mean?

    Countless men and women have given their lives, limbs, and eyesight for our freedom. The least we can do is respect the fallen by standing up during the National Anthem.

    Perfect for game day

    The "I Don't Kneel" collection are durable & patriotic American-made clothes that are great for any occasion. Wear it to NFL football games and bars on game day! Show patriotism when the National Anthem plays by doing the following.

    Standing up and facing the flag or the direction of the music.Put your right hand over your heart. If you're wearing a hat remove it with yore right hand and put it over your heart.

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